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Discover the Power of Chakra Tea: A Journey to Balance and Harmony

Introducing the Chakra Collection Gift Set – a unique selection of seven handcrafted tea blends and herbal infusions by our master tea blender, Joerg Mueller, in collaboration with renowned yoga teacher Kerstin Linnartz.

This special range is designed to help you balance your chakras and restore harmony to your associated body organs.

For millennia, plants have served as nature's healers, offering remedies, wisdom, and a deep connection to our world. Ancient texts dating back to 2500 BC and Indian Vedas have long praised the medicinal qualities of various plants. The vibrational frequency of plants resonates with our bodies and psyches, offering balance, healing, and energy to our seven main chakras.

🌿 The Chakra Tea Gift Set 🌿

This exquisite gift set includes three individually packed pyramid teabags of each of the seven chakra flavours:

🔴 I Am - Root Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Grounding and connecting with the Earth's energy.

🟠 I Feel - Sacral Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Embracing passion and creativity.

🟡 I Do - Solar Plexus Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Boosting confidence and inner power.

💚 I Love - Heart Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Fostering love, compassion, and harmony.

💙 I Speak - Throat Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Enhancing communication and self-expression.

🟣 I See - Third Eye Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Awakening intuition and insight.

👑 I Know - Crown Chakra Organic Pyramid Teabags
- Connecting with higher consciousness and wisdom.

🪬 A set of 7 Chakra Cards to Help you balance your Chakras

This set is your gateway to experiencing the full spectrum of chakra-balancing teas. Indulge in a world of flavours, each carefully crafted to harmonize your inner energies. It's not just a tea collection; it's a journey to rediscovering balance and harmony in a delicious and convenient way.

Embark on a chakra-balancing adventure with our Be Better Chakra Tea Gift Set. Elevate your well-being, one sip at a time. 🍵✨