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This award-winning Jasmine Green Tea is a soft, uplifting tea which has proven health benefits. Enjoy Jasmine Tea properties with this amazing beverage, an ideal energy booster for those on the go. This tea is a First Grade, Spring Flush Green Tea that has been carefully picked in the prestigious Jiangxi Province in China. It is then delicately steamed over a whole Jasmine Flower to create a sensual aroma and flavour.

Directions for use
•    Use ½ tsp per mug of 80-90°C hot water 
•    Infuse for 3 min 
•    Re-infuse up to 3 times 
•    Makes 70-210 cups (when re-infused)

Jasmine Green Tea* 100% . *Certified Organic

About Jasmine Green Tea
Jasmine Green Tea is a unique variety of Green Tea. It is made by scenting Green Tea leaves with Jasmine flowers. 

Some of the most important Jasmine Tea properties are its antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial benefits. It is also thought to have an uplifting effect on those who drink it. 

Its flavour can be described as mildly sweet and incredibly fragrant. It has a strong herbal aroma and a distinctive scent, which many compare to the scent of perfume. 

The process of scenting teas with Jasmine flowers has been popular in Asia for many centuries. It was introduced in China at the time of the South-Song Dynasty and further developed during the Ming Dynasty. But it wasn’t before the 1800s that the interest of foreign traders in Jasmine Tea started to grow substantially and this amazing beverage started to appear in many areas around the world. 

Discover Jasmine Tea properties with Our First Grade, Spring Flush Jasmine Green Tea. Enjoy its Deliciously Fragrant and Mildly Sweet Flavour as well as its Unique, Sensual Scent. Jasmine Green Tea is Also Highly Beneficial Due to Its Antioxidant and Uplifting Properties.