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Our First Grade Sencha Green Tea is hand-blended with freshly crushed herbs to create a unique and tantalising blend. Discover Sencha Tea benefits with this organic tea blend. The herbs add a slightly spicy top note that sets this brew apart from other green teas. A truly individual flavour profile this will embolden your tea collection. To ensure a high vitamin and antioxidant content we use only First Flush Sencha Green Tea.

The spices added include cardamom, alongside a blend of star Anis, lemon peel, orange peel and whole cloves.
Sencha Tea benefits are numerous. To ensure a high vitamin and antioxidant content we use only First Flush Sencha Green Tea. Sencha Green Tea is also the least processed of all the Green Teas due to its gentle steaming process.

The pleasant sharpness and fresh qualities of our Sencha Green Tea coupled with the subtle, refreshing top note provided by the spices create an uplifting and energising beverage.

Product Highlights

  • Whole Leaf Green Tea Blend nestled in a 100% bio-degradable silken tea bag
  • Passionately blended by Master Tea Blender and Medical Herbalist Jörg Müller (BScHons)
  • By using only Whole Leaf Tea, we ensure that our product has the highest anti-oxidant content possible (95% more than average Tea Bags)
  • From artificial aromas
  • Makes up to 45 cups when re-infused, each tea bag can be infused three times

Directions for use

  • Use 1 teabag per mug of 90°C hot water (best filtered)
  • Infuse for 2-3 minutes or according to taste
  • Re-infuse up to 2 times
  • Makes 15-45 cups (when re-infused)

Sencha Green Tea* 77%, Orange Peel*, Lemon Peel*, Cardamom*, Cloves*, Star Anis*. *Certified Organic

Information Notice: All our stitched and pyramid teabags are made from biodegradable PLA derived from Corn Starch and are certified non-GMO.

Spicy and enticing, this blend is also high in vitamins and antioxidants. Try it and discover Sencha Tea benefits.