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Giving thanks to the earth and also bringing these gifts in to fully embody so we feel nourished for the spring and summer season ahead.

The WILLOW MOON in the Celtic Ogham alphabet is represented by the Letter S (Saille) and celebrate the Divine Feminine, Fertility, Flexibility, and the beginning of New Life.

Governed by the Moon, the Willow tree is ruled by the element of water and linked to the star signs Taurus and Gemini.

This celestial connection allows us to connect to our inner waters, deepen into the trust of our intuition, and develop our own innate healing powers.

Like the flexible willow tree branches that bend and sway without snapping, the Willow Moon encourages us to develop resilience and the ability to flow with life's changes.

We might even allow life's flow to change direction or grow new roots in a different place, embracing the natural cycles of growth, transformation, and renewal.

During the Willow Moon, we are invited to tap into the nurturing and adaptable energies of the willow tree.

It is a time to embrace our innate healing abilities, cultivate flexibility, and allow ourselves to flow with the ever-changing currents of existence, trusting that we will bend but not break.

Join us on this journey of reconnection with the natural world. Embrace the rhythms of the seasons, honor the wisdom of our ancestors, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit with the gifts of Mother Earth.

📅 Date: Wednesday, 24th of April
🕣 Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
📍 Location: Solaris Eco Cabin, Rosscahill

6 spaces left ✨✨✨

Prepare for an outdoor adventure: Bring a warm, cozy blanket, journal, pen, and colours. And, just in case the weather is feeling moody, don't forget your waterproof coat and shoes.

Refreshments will be served: Hot beverages and water will keep you warm and hydrated throughout this enchanting evening.