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I am - Root Chakra - Muladhara: the first Chakra located at the base of our spine.

This soothing, oriental spice blend containing Ginger, Cinnamon and Cacao Peel, is full bodied and earthy with a natural comforting sweetness that helps you feel secure and grounded.

A focus on our Root Chakra balances our inner self and helps to keep us grounded and deeply rooted in this world.

Through this we are more open to support, while anchoring and connecting our innate knowing, survival instincts and base desires.

The root of your being establishes the deepest connection with your physical body so is great for anchoring yourself before exercise.

Try I am and Discover the benefits of finding you Root Chakra balance.

Ginger*, Cinnamon*, LIQUORICE*, Cacao Peel*, Cardamom*, Clove*. *Certified Organic

All our stitched and pyramid teabags are made from biodegradable PLA derived from Corn Starch and are certified non-GMO.

Infuse for 3-5min
Infuse up to 2x

Philosophy be better CHAKRA

Brought to life by a fusion of passions: Yoga and Herbal Medicine. be better YOGA represents a modern, yet holistic form of Yoga which improves all aspects of life. Kerstin Linnartz, founder of be better and a passionate Yogini since 1996, has studied ancient Indian science in the US, Europe and India and has lived in India for many years.

Solaris Tea is a family business based in Ireland specialising in blending internationally award-winning teas and herbal infusions. Solaris ensure that all teas are produced to the highest level of sustainability and quality. All blends are free from added aromas. Jörg Müller, a former elite gymnast, has a degree in Herbal Medicine (BScHons) and has been living in Ireland for the last 15 years.

Find your Root Chakra balance.


Suitable for: 
Vegan, Vegetarian, Yoga, Ayurveda

15 pyramid teabags x 2g per silk bag