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Refresh Your Senses with Our Lemongrass, Fennel & Nettle Tea - Caffeine-Free and Delicious.

Enjoy the Convenience of Whole Leaf Tea with our 100% Biodegradable Silken Tea Bags. Our stitched and pyramid teabags are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable PLA derived from Non-GMO Corn Starch.

Experience the Numerous Benefits of Caffeine-Free Beverages, including improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and a better mood.

Try our Lemongrass, Fennel & Nettle Tea today.

Directions for use

• Use 1 teabag per mug of 100°C hot water (best filtered)
• Infuse for 3-5 minutes or according to taste
• Re-infuse up to 3 time
• Makes 15-45 cups (when re-infused)

Lemongrass* 24%, Lemon Verbena*, Fennel*,Horsetail*, Birch Leaf*, Nettle*, Juniper*. *Certified Organic