Max Savitski
Production Manager 

“My days are filled with good tea and good people - what's not to like? ”



What I do
Anything from taking care of our customers to taking care of production.

My day in Solaris
It flys by. There's always something to do. Whether I'm producing products or pitching in with ideas at our brainstorming sessions, you never know what the day will hold.

What inspired me to do what I do
I am always looking to try new things and experience life to the full. Solaris is such a different environment to anything I have done before and it's inspiring to do something different each day.

Fun fact about me
I’m a big fan of traditional Irish music.

My super power is...
I haven't found one yet- but I am still looking. I'll be sure to let you know when I find one.

Outside the office
I spend my time enjoying all that life has to offer. It's important to take time out to relax with my family. I can be found pushing swings in the park and playing with my kids and when I want some headspace I go straight to the kitchen to experiment with new recipes and unwind.