Herb & Tea

We are delighted to announce a series of signature Solaris Botanicals Herb & Tea Courses.
Empowering people to connect to nature and take initiatives for self-care are at the heart of the Solaris philosophy. 

Never ending stacks of dishes, Bored lazy and sloppy, getting distracted, family members, feeling alone, never really finish something
And the biggest challenge is:
The work seems to have no end!
You constantly feel exhausted, because you never take any breaks.
There seems to be no such thing as “feierabend”
Yes - you are allowed to scream out loud!

Foraging for wild plants and herbs 
A hands-on foraging course to identify culinary & medicinal plants growing in Ireland by Medical Herbalist (BscHons) & Master Teablender Joerg Mueller. 

Joerg started foraging from early childhood – he is passionate about connecting to your natural environment - in this course you will learn how to safely identify at least 30 culinary and medicinal wild plants and how to use them.

Joerg has appeared foraging on Garrai Glas (TG4) & Faoi Blath (RTE1), and has given foraging courses in Ireland for over 20 years.

3 hours 
- Saturday, 6th August  
- Saturday, 24th August
From 10am - 1pm 

to Tea :
A Sensory Journey

This full day course introduces you to the world of tea: History, Health Benefits, Tea varieties as well as Flavour profiling are included. 

The course also incorporates a sensory tea journey, a fusion of an Asian tea ceremony with western style sensory experience elements – How to find peace and de-stress with a simple tea meditation. 

This is part of Europe’s first accredited tea certification program. 

Joerg Mueller is a Medical Herbalist (BscHons), Master Teablender & Co-founder of Solaris Tea. 

7 hours 
- Sunday, 7th August 
From 9.30am – 4.30pm
Womb Wisdom: 
An Introduction to Herbs & Mindfulness for Women
Learn about herbs for women, womb nourishing nutrition, mindfulness meditation and gentle fluid movement and massage techniques to keep your womb healthy and vital whichever cycle in life you are in as a woman.

Karin is  a Medical Herbalist for over 20 years, practising Midwife, Mindfulness teacher and co-owner of Solaris Botanicals.

As seen on the recent Wildflowers and plants of Ireland series of Faoi Bhláith on RTE 1.

7 hours 
Eur 150 
- Sunday, 21st August 
From 09h30am - 04h30pm 
- Sunday, 23rd October 2022 
 From 09h30am - 04h30pm

Yummy womb nourishing lunch, snacks & tea/water included. 

Small changes and easy routines will help you with that

talk to a friend, take a break, exercise, meditate and laugh out loud
Make your own "me time" ritual
Treat yourself with this pleasure for 10 Minutes a day! These minutes are for you and your own well being. A cup of tea is the perfect companion for that.

Treat yourself to

what matters most for you and what results in success
Create a 'ritual of pause'
have a cup of your favourite herbal infusion, go for a brisk walk, do a bit of weeding in the garden, dig your hands into soil, join your favourite zoom class, meditate.
Mindfulness and meditation:
Yes here we go again, but seriously the science is behind it. Give it a go for 5-10 minutes a day. It makes a difference.Start with the tea meditation.
Create a 'me space' to withdraw.
Declutter a small space that becomes your "me space". Create your "unwind box" and store your laptop and notebook there after work there.

This is what people are saying

Solaris Teas are a balm. The aesthetic of the teas reminds us that the Chinese thought of tea as poetry, whilst in Japan tea was elevated into a religion of aestheticism – Teaism. Solaris teas invite us to open the door of Teaism, to take pause and lose ourselves for a moment, to enjoy our own tea ceremony, however fleeting.
Dr. John McKenna
Food Critic at The Irish Times & Book Author
I was delighted to be able to find a way to help my staff in a natural, holistic way to get through these troubling times. Working from home and especially with conference calls can get super intense and Solaris teas are an excellent way to take time out of the day, step back relax and sip on Solaris’s amazing range of teas. I know my staff really appreciate the gesture.
Dara Scott
CEO of Advance Science Ltd
I love tea. My wife was concerned that I was drinking too much of it (black teas). So I needed to find something what I wanted to drink instead and there they were: The herbal infusions of Solaris Tea. I feel more energised and hydrated. My headache is gone and my wife is fine with me drinking two litres a day... or more
Alex Hammerschmied
Founder of

Your body and mind will thank you for

Less fatigue
Less stress
Less overwhelm
Less hours
Less busy
Less worries
more hydration
more focus
more productivity
more energy
more relaxation
more joy

Solaris Tea Facts

Certified organic
Blended by medical herbalists
Whole leaf teas
Unique blend combinations
Irish family business
Biodegradable packaging
Internationally Award winning Teas
Artificial flavours
Plastic packaging
Tea powder
Artifical aromas
Mass production
Toxic metals
Treat yourself to some Me-Time
Support yourself in an easy and nice way. Create some time for you and only yourself. Take a break during your busy hours. A simple and effective way to do that (especially in home-office) is:

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