The 5 Steps to get the most out of your break

Recharging while making a break is an active process. Stop boycotting yourself by looking at a screen or checking what's trending on instagram.

Use these simple steps to get the most out of your break. It all starts with:

Close your screen(s)

It might be difficult in the beginning but leave your phone at the desk, and walk away from it to the kitchen. Refuse the need to go check what is on the news, this is a no screen time. It will be only for 10 minutes.

Boil water

Boil some water and while it is on its own transformation process, stretch a bit, talk to your kid about his last drawing, find your favourite snack - use this task to let go of your current tasks & enjoy going into “Me-time”. You can also use this time to relax. Observe the water boiling, observe how it changes and use this process to change yourself into a relaxed mode.

Prepare your favourite tea

To let go and to prepare to be “in the moment”, it helps to mentally go through the physical steps that you are currently doing within the tea preparation steps. Focus on the uniqueness of every moment.

Find a quiet place

Now go away from tv, your mobile phone and your computer. Go outside if you can, breathe some fresh air and stretch again. Disconnect for a moment from all your worries and to-do tasks.They will still be waiting for you.

Sense the smell, the taste and the sensations

Consciously follow the smell sensation, describe it in your own words, explore where you physically encounter the smell, experience what feelings or memories are coming up. Do the same for the taste - including the feedback sensations from your digestive system after drinking the tea! Enjoy the journey!
Repeat these steps every day as often as you want. The more you are "in the moment" and the more you are actually present within your tea break routine, the bigger the benefit and the easier it gets for you to take on your tasks afterwards.
Treat yourself to a cup of your favourite tea
Depending on your tasks and what you currently need, different teas will support you best. Take a look what's available and make your choice.

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