Introduction to tea

This course is an ideal introduction to the world of Tea for both the professional Barista and Tea enthusiast alike

Introduction to Tea & Tea in Hospitality
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This is a prerequisite course for the foundation, intermediate & advanced Tea diploma courses in conjunction with the European Speciality Tea Association, worth 5 points.
So whether you're a café owner looking to expand your menu, a tea enthusiast eager to learn more, or a new tea business looking to make a splash, our Introduction to Tea course is the perfect way to get started. Sign up today and join our growing community of tea lovers!

Are you ready to dive into the world of tea? 

Whether you're a newbie to speciality tea or an experienced barista looking to up your game, our Introduction to Tea & Tea in Hospitality course is the perfect way to start your journey. 

Not only will you learn about the rich history and cultural significance of tea, but you'll also gain hands-on experience with brewing, tasting, and evaluating different types of tea.

Our Introduction to Tea course is the perfect blend of theory and hands-on learning, designed to give you the skills you need to brew the perfect cup every time. 

This course combines theory and practical activities where the student can learn and practice new skills on the day. Students will receive tea, and herbal samples so that you can get hands-on experience with different flavours and brewing methods but the learning doesn't stop there. 

Introduction to Tea, is the first module of the European Speciality Tea Association's education initiative, the Tea Certification Programme. After completing the module, you'll have the chance to take a written exam to earn 5 points towards our Tea Certification Program. 

So what are you waiting for? 

During the 6.5-hour course, you'll have the opportunity to not only learn about tea but also put your knowledge into practice with fun and engaging activities. 

Join us for an immersive and rewarding experience that will leave you with the skills and knowledge to become a true tea connoisseur. 

Introduction to Tea is an ideal course for anyone who is new to the tea industry or just wants to know more about this amazing beverage: Newbies to speciality tea, Cafés, tea houses, baristas, tea enthusiasts, new tea businesses.

About your facilitator

Jörg Müller is a Medical Herbalist(B.Sc. Hons), Master Teablender and co-founder of Solaris Botanicals, whose virgin tea blends created a storm all those many years ago when they were released into the unassuming world of tea connoisseurs.
His expert nose has been likened to that of a perfumer, and he has a true talent for exciting new flavour sensations. 
Nowadays, his role is split between administrating Solaris Tea, originating blends for our customized tea blends, teaching, and sourcing the teas which involves travelling to our partner tea farms and choosing only the best plant.

About the course

This unique course will take you on a sampling journey of the full palate of high qualitative organic teas from white tea, green tea, oolongs, black teas and specially selected herbal infusions.

In this course students will learn:
 - The definition of what is speciality tea.
 - Will identify a tea from a botanical correctly
 - Demonstrate basic knowledge about the tea plant and recognise the difference between the six categories
 - Demonstrate basic knowledge of brewing and tasting tea
 - Demonstrate basic knowledge of tea and food pairing

Explore more of the syllabus below:
What is Tea
Tea History
Wellness & Tea
Tea Varieties
Teabags x Loose Leaf
Importance of Water & Brewing Principles
Cuisine & Tea
Basics on Botanicals
What do they taste like
How to add value to your tea serving experience
Optimal Tea Brewing
Pairing Tea with Food
The course also incorporates a sensory tea journey, a fusion of an Asian tea ceremony with western style sensory experience elements – How to find peace and de-stress with a simple tea meditation.

What is included

Digital content to study at home.
Lunch, snacks and tea included throughout the day.
One specially selected tea to take home and put your knowledge to practice.
Tea Tasting Exercise
The student will receive an ESTA certificate for passing the exam.


Excited to be unveiling our stunning modern wooden Eco Cabin

Tucked behind the old gable of an 18th century hunting lodge on a grassy hill overlooking the woody expanse of Roscahill Valley. 

Surrounded by lush meadows and virgin native hedging and opposite a lovingly nurtured nut and fruit orchard and natural pond teaming with native apples, pears, plums, soft fruit and herbs and edible flowers.
This unique open plan venue is the perfect paradise for a moment of pause to reconnect to nature and yourself. 

The full frontage glass window makes you feel like you're sitting outside and is perfectly situated to capture the vivid sunsets on a fine day. 

Unique in shape with beautiful wooden arches, this light, bright space is cosy and tranquil.

Set between Moycullen and Oughterard two quaint villages only 20-30 mins from Galway City.

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