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Karin Mueller

Karin Müller
Director / Founder

“What continues to inspire me in my work for Solaris is the knowledge that the exceptional quality of the products we supply really make a difference. Some how, with each freshly brewed cup of tea, a pause is created – to dream and be inspired.”


What I do
I would describe myself as the Creative Editor of the company. Constantly fine tuning ideas, encapsulating concepts, creating new exciting tea blends and working closely with Joerg during new product development.
In fact recently I launched our exciting new Solaris Spa Concept- Solaris Rituals! My new range of Solaris Foot Spas using Organic Connemara Seaweed and 3 of our favourite herbal blends are out for Christmas 2020!
I love communicating with our customers so I join Joerg on trade shows and fares when ever I can. Business runs much smoother chatting whilst sipping on a fresh cuppa.

My day in Solaris
As co founder of Solaris I have had the unique opportunity to watch Solaris grow from its humble origins to the thriving and creative business it is today. What I can still say with all my heart – whether I am coordinating a photo shoot, editing new packaging designs or discussing investment strategies with Joerg -every day has some thing new to bring!

What inspired me to do what I do
As a young girl growing up in rural Ireland I watched and helped as my parents Hans and Gaby Wieland as they transformed the derelict farm they had bought into fertile, grazing land and an abundant organic garden through sheer hard work, passion and determination. My mother a nurse and trained naturopath had a beautiful herb spiral surrounding a self seeded hawthorn tree. If anyone was in need of a pick me up we'd be sent out for a fresh handful of herbs to brew a soothing cup of tea.
If I wasn't roaming the land on my Connemara Pony, plant identifier in back pocket, to forage for wild herbs and berries for dinner and preserving; I was rolling hundreds of hand crafted goats cheese balls for sale...
This sense of freedom is still with me today as well as the appreciation for the power of steady work and having the passion to live your dream.

Fun fact about me
I adore dancing to any style - salsa, tango, free style, swing. Preferably on an empty dance floor just before it gets busy! For afters - a hot matcha frappe with dark chocolate to dip.

My super power is...
… having an acute eye for detail and motivating people to give their best.

Outside the office
I am now qualified practising midwife (BSc Hon) since 2015. My new mother and baby tea range 'Bloom' comes out in Spring 2021! Watch this space :)
At weekends I love to bake some home made scones with my daughter Aoife and son Ruben, pack a flask of fresh tea and some jam and the whole family heads out into the Connemara country side for a long ramble in the woods and fields.