Solaris Philosophy

Pure from leaf to cup!
Our philosophy is based on seven main pillars which are all equally important and represent our shared values. We run our business in an ethical manner with respect and love for humanity and nature. These shared values guide all of our everyday operations, from internal management and customer/partner relations to our impact on the environment. 

Our shared values

We relentlessly drive for improvement of our products and never compromise on quality. In order to deliver consistent excellence in quality, we carefully source our organic whole leaf teas, which are hand-picked at small organic tea plantations. We prepare our unique teas using the world's finest natural ingredients and traditional processing methods. We are an international award winning company,winning Great Taste Awards' and Best Irish Organic Grocery Product’ from Bord Bia, to name but a few. All our organic teas are independently certified by Organic Trust, and our herbs are delivered by trusted Irish farms from the west coast.

We are family run company and have created this family spirit at the workplace. Our team is an extension of our family and everybody is passionate, truly engaged and has a sense of ownership. Over the years, we have built a team of highly positive, professional and creative people who work in a relaxed, friendly and family-like environment.

We use healing qualities of plants in harmony with nature, caring about people and the environment. We are convinced that at every stage of production the Earth's ecosystem should be protected. Our products do not have any artificial additives and preservatives and are prepared in Ireland. All of our packaging and silken tea bags are 100% biodegradable to minimise impact on resources and the environment. We cooperate with small tea growers around the world which use traditional, eco-friendly methods, and also support Irish farmers by using locally grown herbs. We are committed to promoting a lifestyle which is in line with nature while making our planet greener and safer.

Our experiences, knowledge and visits to tea plantations around the world have led us to specialise in tea blending. We strive to be a leader in the industry and we aim to share our extensive, expert knowledge about the world of tea and living a healthy, natural lifestyle. Our qualified herbalists (BScHons) can customise specific blends according to specific needs, advise on the preparation processes, give lectures and organise workshops and trainings.

Our herbalists' have used their passion for blending teas as an inspiration for their profession and successful business. Everything we do, everything we believe in, every value we share, is inextricably linked to our PASSION. It drives us and allows us to share our devotion to superior quality tea, humanity and nature with the world.

We appreciate out-of-the-box thinking and constantly look for innovative solutions to develop natural, healthy products. As we are the only company in Ireland hand blending tea, we would like to remain on the forefront of innovative tea and herbal product development. Therefore, we strive not only to meet the current needs of our customers, we aim to predict them!

Customer intimacy
Our culture is built around developing intimate relationships with customers and establishing business partnerships based on mutual trust and respect. We individualise our approach by offering personalised tea for companies or individuals and giving comprehensive product and sales training for those in the food service sector.