Here's your tea meditation
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This guided audio meditation is a fusion of Asian Tea ceremony elements with a Western Style Tea sensory experience.
If you like tea and want to explore a sensory experience - this is for you.
It is very easy to follow - you won’t need any experience in tea tasting or meditation.

Tiny mindfulness habits will change your life - having a short, consciously chosen “Me-time” is very beneficial to how you feel and your ability to switch off from the hectic world we live in - The trick is to make it your daily routine by attaching the initiating trigger to something you already do - The tea break is perfect to use after getting up in the morning.

You are where your attention is: please take some moments before the tea meditation to focus on the moment, watch the actions you perform preparing the tea to let go from your current state of mind & to center yourself. Find a comfortable, quiet place, where you won’t be interrupted.

It is best to use an aromatic herbal infusion for this practise, as one of the key sensory elements is smell. Excellent teas for this are in The Home Office Tea Sets.

Please avoid flavoured teas, as they overpower your smell & taste and don't allow for a more nuanced experience.

Your benefits of this tea meditation:
Refine & develop your smell and taste perception
Increase your focus
Reduce stress and overwhelm
Increase your productivity
Rehydrate your body
Helps to Let go. Connect. Create
Bookmark this page to use the "Tea Meditation" on a daily basis.If you want to use the Tea Meditation without internet connection:
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