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This teacup is great for those who enjoying drinking their tea with glass cups and will also add a feeling of ceremony to your tea drinking experience.

This beautifully crafted double-walled clear glass accessory allows you to appreciate the colours and flavours of your tea simultaneously. The outer wall of glass acts as a heat resistant barrier protecting against burns, allowing you to enjoy your tea as soon as it’s brewed to perfection.

Product Highlights 

•    Traditional and aesthetically pleasing design
•    Double-walled glass, with the outer wall acting as a heat resistant barrier
•    Hand-wash only product
•    Product is easy to maintain

What is a Double-Walled Glass? 
A double-walled glass can be described as a glass within a glass. During its production process, the air between the two glasses is aspirated.

This creates a vacuum that prevents heat from escaping or entering. This means that this vacuum acts as an insulator that keeps the beverage contained in the glass at the right temperature. 

Studies have confirmed that double-walled glasses are much more effective than regular glasses at insulating liquids and keeping them at the desired temperature. 

This makes them perfect to enjoy your beverage slowly without worrying it will get too cold soon and for those who like to drink their tea with glass cups. Perfect for enjoying a glass of tea while you have a long conversation with your friends or while you work at your desk. 

Relax and enjoy a glass of tea without worrying that your beverage will get cold too soon while also protecting your hands against burns. The perfect cup to enjoy your beverage while working or talking to a friend. Perfect for those who want to enjoy their tea with glass cups.