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Join our 6 month taster tea club membership.

This is a unique opportunity to delve into the world of tea connoisseurs. Featuring rare, small batch teas hand picked from select tea plantations.

For your first limited edition tea club box you receive a wonderful starter pack including:

  • A beautiful hand blown double walled tea glass (200ml)
  • Brewing basket
  • Pi Lo Chun Green Treasure Tea 
    Pi Lo Chun,“green and curly leaves of spring” in Chinese, is produced in Dongting Mountain Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. It has a long history and was named by Kangxi, a great Emperor of the Qing dynasty.

    The appearance is a little curl, green and tippy in color, with the liquor being clear and bright. It has a light but smooth taste with the aftertaste being very clean and refreshing. One of its outstanding characteristic is its fruity aroma.

  • Welcoming leaflet 
  • Exclusive access to our tea club online page

    The other ones? Oh believe me, you will be pleasely surprised and every month you will receive at least 50g of an amazing and rare tea.