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This accessory is ideal for the avid tea lover who seeks convenience and a hassle-free option for whole leaf teas. 

It’s perfect for both experienced tea drinkers and for those who want to learn how to brew whole leaf tea. 

It is a permanent, stainless filtering option with a reversible lid that can be used to catch drips after infusing and is an ideal size as it fits in most standard mugs and tea pots.

When using this product, waste is also minimised as the leaves can be left in the strainer and re-infused at your convenience. It is also dishwasher proof and it is perfect to take to work or when traveling.

Product Highlights 

  • Convenient and hassle-free with minimal waste
  • Long lasting and dishwasher proof
  • Inclusive of a reversible lid which can also be used as a drip tray
  • Fits in most standard mugs and teapots

How to Brew Whole Leaf Tea

The first step is to determine the right quantity of tea to use, which will depend on the type of tea you are preparing. For our loose leaf Earl Grey Darjeeling and our loose leaf Jasmine Green Tea we recommend ½ tsp per mug 

Make sure to use spring water or filtered water to achieve the best results. 

Place your brewing basket on a cup filled with hot water and wait. The infusion time depends on the type of tea you are preparing. We recommend around 3 minutes for our Earl Grey Darjeeling and loose leaf Jasmine Green Tea. Then remove the brewing basket. 

Remember to avoid covering your brewing basket when preparing green tea. 

After drinking your first mug, you can re-infuse up to two times. 

Our Solaris Brewing Basket is the ideal accessory for both experienced tea lovers and those who want to learn how to brew whole leaf tea.