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Experience the Premium Flavor of Chunmee Green Tea - Considered one of China's Top Green Teas. Made with First Flush, Spring Flush Leaves, it boasts a delicate fruity aroma and sweet aftertaste. Enjoy the benefits of whole leaf infusions with our individually wrapped, 100% biodegradable silken tea bags. Perfect for boosting metabolism and refreshing your day.

The tea leaves are named 'Chun Mee' or 'Eyebrow' for their oval shape. Our stitched and pyramid teabags are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable PLA derived from Non-GMO Corn Starch.

Get 100 Pyramid Tea Bags, each with 1.5g of Chunmee Green Tea for the ultimate tea experience.

Directions for use 
•    Use 1 teabag per mug of 90°C hot water (best filtered)
•    Infuse for 2-3 minutes or according to taste
•    Re-infuse up to 2 times

100% First Flush Chunmee Green Tea*.

*Certified Organic