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Celebrated as one of the finest green teas in China, our Chunmee Green Tea has a soft, almost fruity aroma, with a sweet aftertone.

Chunmeei tea is a non-fermented green tea made from Camellia sinensis leaves. It contains caffeine, catechins, vitamins, and an amino acid L-theanine that may all provide many health benefits.

We only use First Flush, Spring Flush Tea Leaves to guarantee the best quality and flavour.

The perfect cup of tea to kick start your metabolism and keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. In Chinese, Chun Mee means ‘eyebrow’, which is indicative of the leaves oval shape.

Directions for use 
•    Use 1tsp of herbs per mug of boiling water.
•    Infuse for 2-3 min.
•    Re-infuse up to 2 times.
•    Makes up to 35 standard cups of tea


Discover all the flavour of Chun Mee in this economic 500g pouch.