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Cocoa Shells are the fibrous, outer shells of the Cocoa Beans, which grow on Cocoa Trees (or cacao trees). These trees are native to the deep tropical areas of the Americas, like the Amazon basin.

Cocoa Shells are known for their highly nutritious content. They are rich in dietary fibre and protein, as well as antioxidants. They are also thought to have diuretic properties.

The beans are characterised by a dark brown colour and a sweet, attractive scent.

Cocoa beans have been consumed by native pre-hispanic American tribes for more than for thousand years and became known and popular in Europe only after the discovery of the new world.

In Mayan culture, cocoa was often used in celebration, whereas the Aztecs believed that cocoa trees were delivered to them by the gods.

There are various ways to enjoy the beneficial properties of Cocoa Shells.

Recently, this ingredient has become popular among tea lovers. Cocoa Shells can be roasted and then infused into a tea.

Our Cocoa Shells are certified organic. This guarantees our product has grown on soils on which no prohibited substance was applied.