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Common Daisy, also known as Bellis Perennis, is a flower that belongs to the Asteraceae family. While native to Western and Northern Europe, this plant is today found in many other areas of the world after being naturalised in other continents.

Uses of Daisy are various and so are its benefits. This plant is thought to have anti-inflammatory, antitussive, astringent, antitussive, emollient, and demulcent properties.

This flower is made of white petals and a yellow center, it has a mildly earthy smell and its taste is slightly spicy and bitter.

Daises have been in popular folklore and human history for centuries. The ancient Egyptians already used them as a herbal remedy and it was often used to symbolize purity and innocence, as well as a new beginning.

There are many uses of Daisy. Let’s explore some of them.

Use of Daisy in Tea Preparation - This flower contains almost three times as much Vitamin C as lemons, making it the perfect ingredient for herbal tea lovers.

This Ingredient Can Be Used to Prepare an Amazing Wildflower - You can mix Daisy with other flowers, such as Wild Pea Flower and California Poppy Flower to create a colourful and delicious homemade salad.

Daisy is Also Great for Decorations - The beauty of this flower makes it a preferred ingredient for decorative purposes. You can frost it and sprinkle it on cakes or other desserts to make them even more alluring.

Other Original Ways to Use Daisy - There are many other uses for this amazing flower. From culinary uses (like preparing a special dressing) to therapeutic uses (like making a healing salve) to even artisanal uses.

Discover the Many Uses of Daisy and Try Out New Amazing Recipes to Reap the Benefits of This Amazing Flower.