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This bamboo matcha whisk is perfect for preparing matcha green tea. It’s lightweight and small, making it ideal for use in cups and glasses. Very practical even for those who don’t know how to use a matcha whisk.

It’s important to blend the matcha thoroughly for best results and this whisk is designed to ensure that you create the perfect matcha shot to build the drink of your choice from.

Matcha has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies (known as “Chanoyu”) for many centuries. These rituals are seen as spiritual experiences in Japan.

After the Matcha itself, the whisk is the most important item that you will need in the preparation process as It is necessary to achieve the right combination of tea powder, water, and air. 

A bamboo whisk is considered the best one because of its flexibility and because it doesn’t have any impact on the taste of the preparation and 

 Product Highlights

  • Beautifully simple bamboo design
  • Lightweight and easy to use

How to Use a Matcha Whisk

Whisking has to be done in a certain way for it to give the best results. 

The first step is to add one or two teaspoons of matcha a teaspoon of cold water in a bowl and use the whisk to obtain a lump-free paste. Then it’s time to add some hot water and use your wrist to whisk as fast and as intensively as you can in a back-and-forth motion for around twenty seconds. 

While you whisk, it’s important that you firmly hold the bowl with the other hand. This is a fundamental aspect of the whisking process that is often neglected by beginners. 

Prepare the perfect Matcha with our practical bamboo whisk. Perfect for both experienced matcha lovers and for those who want to learn how to use a matcha whisk.