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Peppermint Leaf comes from the Peppermint plant, which is found in the Lamiaceae family.

It is native to Europe and the Middle East but it can be found in many regions of the world today.

Peppermint benefits are due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, relieving, soothing and refreshing qualities.

It has a distinctive, camphoraceous, fresh scent and strong, pungent, warm taste.

There are many old tales and legends that surround this amazing ingredient. In Greek Mythology, this herb was born when the Goddess Persephone found out that God Pluto was in love with Minthe, a nymph, and so she turned her into a plant.

For centuries, this ingredient has been used as a herbal remedy.
Its use dates back to ancient Egypt and to the ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Our Solaris Peppermint Leaf is certified organic. This guarantees our product has grown on soils on which no prohibited substance was applied.