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Milk Thistle Seeds are seeds from the perennial herb Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum), which is part of the family Asteraceae and it originates in Southern Europe. This plant is also known as Marian thistle, St. Mary’s thistle, and Scotch thistle.

You can try various Milk Thistle recipes to enjoy the qualities of this plant and its seeds.

Milk Thistle has a fresh, herbal, and woody aroma, and its seeds have a unique taste with both sweet and bitter notes.

Milk Thistle has been long used in folk medicine and there is also a lot of folklore surrounding this herb.

In Celtic culture, Milk Thistle symbolises courage, strength, and persistence. Written records of Milk Thistle uses as a herbal remedy date back to Ancient Greece.

In the 16th century, John Gerard suggested that this herb could also have a therapeutic role against emotional distress. 

Our Solaris Milk Thistle Seed is certified organic. This guarantees our product has grown on soils on which no prohibited substance was applied.