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Raspberry Leaf (Rubus Folia) comes from the Raspberry plant, which originates in Europe and North America. People have used it for centuries due to its beneficial properties.

Raspberry Leaf uses are numerous.

It has a greenish colour and a sensuous, aromatic scent.
It has a strong, herbal, and grassy taste and can be used in a series of recipes.

According to Greek Mythology, these leaves were discovered and loved by the Gods in Olympus.

In ancient tales this leaf is associated with Ida, Zeus’ nursemaid, who pricked her finger while picking the white berries and stained them red for eternity.

Ancient physicians in Greece, Rome, and in the far east used Raspberry leaf as a treatment for wounds and diarrhoea.

They were also used by Native American tribes to treat pain and ease contractions in pregnant women.

Our Solaris Raspberry leaf is certified organic. This guarantees our product has grown on soils on which no prohibited substance was applied.