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Around the world, roses symbolize love, warmth, elegance, and charm.
Their unique beauty and alluring scent evoke many positive emotions, such as joy and happiness. 

Rose buds come in different variants and can be used in many ways.

A Special, Delicious, uplifting & sensual Tea - Our organic rose buds are great for preparing the most amazing aromatic tea.
Enjoy a special afternoon break with a special, savoury beverage, or use it before meditation to help you achieve the right inner balance. 

How to prepare rose bud tea?

Start by boiling filtered water. Then warm the teapot by pouring the boiled water in it and swirling it around, before pouring it out. The next step is to add the chopped rose buds/petals to the teapot and then add hot water. Steep for five minutes while keeping your teapot covered and then finally strain the rose bud/petals before serving the tea in a teacup. 

Add Rose Buds to Honey to Create a Unique Taste - Another great way to use rose buds is to add them to honey. 
Wait for a few days after adding rose buds and then use this "upgraded" amazing honey with your toasts, pancakes, coffee, and tea or as secret dressing in your favourite recipes. 

There are many benefits linked to consuming edible, organic rose buds. 

Roses have also been linked to anti-infection and anti-depressive properties.

Rose flower is the quintessential uplifting & relaxing herb. It has cooling,
calming, astringing and decongesting qualities. As a bitter it helps “heat in
the liver”, specifically anger &  irritability (from a 15 th century textbook). As a
symbol for love, its scent has deeply nurturing, love-promoting and
comforting qualities

Our Rose Buds are certified organic. This gives you the guarantee that no pesticides are applied to the soils on which they have been grown (which is normally the case, specifically with flowers).

Roses are also a vital ingredient for many cosmetic preparations, as it is a cooling plant with anti-inflammatory action, toning skin cells.

Make Your Own Skin Care and Cosmetic Products - Rose petals can be used to make a heavenly-scented essential oil, soap, face or body cream, skin soother, lip balm, and lotion bar. Experiment with rose petals to create your own
unique, rosy beauty products.

What About a Personalized Rose Fragrance? - There are many recipes you can use to create your own rose petal perfume. You can combine rose petals with a number of ingredients and obtain several distinctive and aromatic fragrances.

Feel in Paradise with a Relaxing Rose Bath - Another great way of using them is to prepare a chilling and seraphic rose petal bad. Immerse yourself in their scent while listening to some relaxing music. This helps you release stress and tension and to achieve inner balance and peace.

Rose Buds, an Amazing Ingredient with Many Uses and Great Health Benefits