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This accessory is ideal for the avid tea lover who seeks convenience and a hassle-free option for whole leaf teas. It is perfect for one serving and places neatly over the edge of a mug or teapot. It is made from organic, unbleached cotton and is also environmentally friendly and reusable.

It dries out quickly and is a great option for both the kitchen at home and the workplace or alternatively to bring with you on your travels.

Product Highlights 
• Convenient and easy to store
• Fits over most standard cups, mugs, and teapots
• Made from organic, unbleached cotton
• Environmentally friendly

How to Use a Cotton Strainer
A cotton tea strainer is a very useful accessory for those who prefer whole leaf teas. It allows you to brew tea to any taste, aroma, and strength.

Follow these simple steps to use it properly
1) add one teaspoon per cup of your desired tea leaves to the strainer
2) place the strainer into the teapot or tea mug
3) add hot water
4) let the tea steep for four or five minutes (steeping time can vary a lot depending on which type of tea you are using)
5) serve and enjoy

After using your cotton tea strainer clean it using warm water and then let it dry. Don't use any soap or detergents.
After several uses, your cotton tea strainer will gradually adopt a brownish colour from tea stains. This is a natural process. Do not bleach it. 

What is Whole Leaf Tea?
Whole Loaf Tea is tea made of unbroken leaves. This allows the tea to retain all of its beneficial properties. For this reason, it is considered healthier than other tea varieties. 

Enjoy the full benefits of your favourite whole leaf teas with this practical, easy-to-use cotton tea strainer made from organic, unbleached cotton.