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This is the ideal accompaniment to our 1.2L Glass Teapot.

A beautiful and useful accessory to enjoy your favourite tea by keeping it warm.

Additionally, it further accentuates the unique beauty of the Glass Tea Pot by acting as a podium and raising the tea to eye level. This allows you to enjoy the colour of the tea as you sit back with your chosen brew.

It works fantastically with a flowering tea, in particular, to create a unique and original centerpiece for any party, dinner or gathering.

It has a removable oil burner that can simply be replaced with a tea-light for a more natural option and also comes with an additional stainless steel stand to further improve its stability. 

Don't miss anything when enjoying your morning or afternoon tea. Keeping it warm makes your break more pleasant from start to finish. 

Product Highlights 
•    Ideal addition to our 1.2L Glass Tea Pot and accentuates further the beauty of the full Solaris Tea Range
•    Includes a removable oil burner
•    Oil burner can be replaced with a simple tea light candle for a natural, yet affective touch
•    Compatible only with our 1.2L Glass Teapot (or similar sizes)

This unique and amazing accessory you makes it even easier to enjoy your favourite tea, by keeping it warm, and by accentuating the beauty of your teapot.