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Turmeric Root comes from the perennial, herbaceous plant Turmeric, which is native to SouthEast Asia and belongs to the family Zingiberaceae.

This ingredient has an earthy, pungent, and lightly sweet flavour and it is often used in India.

The use of Turmeric Root in cooking dates back four thousand years. In Ancient Indian times, Turmeric was called “the spice of life” and it was linked to the sun and the Sacral Chakra.

It also symbolised prosperity, abundance, fertility, and our connection with mother earth.

The use of Turmeric expanded soon beyond India and it can be found in the folklore and recipes of other Asian and non-Asian populations.

You can enjoy Turmeric Root benefits by trying an array of original and inviting recipes.

Our Solaris Tumeric is certified organic. This guarantees our product has grown on soils on which no prohibited substance was applied.