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Loose, First Flush, Organic and Whole Leaf – Breakfast Tea at its very best!

Loose, First Flush, Organic and Whole Leaf – Breakfast Tea at its very best!

Apr 08, 2014

Joerg Mueller

Here at Solaris, we believe that education is key when choosing teas and blends for your customers. Throughout Ireland and the UK, breakfast tea is evidently the most popular consumer choice and the quality and style of your breakfast tea will undoubtedly reflect on your business.

A long standing debate exists between the use of loose tea and regular tea bags for breakfast teas. In our opinion, there is no possible comparison. Many commonly used tea bags consist of an almost dusty tea, known as fannings. This type of tea consists of incredibly fine cut leaves. By cutting the leaves to this extent, the processing eradicates a large amount of flavour, health benefits and aromas.


The larger, high quality, loose leaf teas are full in flavour and have a powerful, uplifting aroma. Because the leaves are not cut, the full health benefits and antioxidants remain. The use of loose tea in any foodservice offering provides an experience for the consumer, a treat, something to return for.

Because loose teas are available in bulk, they are more cost efficient and also more eco friendly. All leaves are fully bio-degradable and they can even be re-infused by the consumer.

There is also a much larger choice of high quality, loose leaf breakfast teas available. Solaris can also provide a signature loose leaf breakfast tea for your business, allowing you to choose from hundreds of ingredients that will enhance your tea and distinguish your brand from competitors.

Why not explore your options and contact us for details and samples. Give your customers breakfast tea as it should be: a healthier, tastier high end option.