What is the best tea for each time of the day?

What is the best tea for each time of the day?

If you love the taste and aroma of a good cup of tea, you know the difference it makes to start a day with a cup of Lemon Harmony or take that break at work to brew some gorgeous Jasmine Green tea.

However, how and when do you choose which tea?

It is important to know that the herbs, spices and flowers used for each of our unique blends of teas and herbal infusions have different properties that influence the actions of the body and consequently influence how energised, balanced or calm you will feel after drinking your selected cuppa.

Considering this, it is good to think about how drinking tea can positively support your routines and daily rhythm. This can help you choose the perfect cuppa according to the time of day and how you feel.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some vital tips that will make all the difference. So keep reading and check it out!

Teas for the morning

As the morning is the period when the body is slower and can be sluggish as we move from a more parasympathetic rest and digest state to sympathetic nervous system activation, it can be helpful to give some gentle stimulation to your digestion and circulation to start the day.
We recommended teas with some substance that give a boost and that much sought after pick me up.

Among them: 

If you like a robust flavour and a caffeine hit that’s gentler than coffee try our uplifting, award winning Earl Grey, our Mate Cacao Chai gives a gradual, long lasting boost, whereas our Green Tea Chai has a real kick and is filled with beneficial antioxidants, or try out amazing Matcha either as a shot or creamy laté.
If you prefer a caffeine free morning but yearn for more energy to kick start your day, try our zesty Lemon Harmony or Peppermint Delight to refresh body and mind.

Afternoon Teas

For the afternoon, the teas can be divided into two moments, the period right after lunch or that mid-afternoon slump when you need a boost to enhance performance at work for example.

After lunch:

After lunch, the body is still in the process of retaining nutrients, digesting food and balancing blood sugar levels . Therefore, it can help to choose herbs and spices that help in these processes, such as Peppermint Delight, Ginger Zest or ‘I am’ Root Chakra tea-  a potent spicy blend to improve digestion and optimise blood sugar levels.

During work:

When it comes to drinking tea to improve your mood and the quality of your daily activities, we recommend those that increase energy, such as  our organic Assam, Mate Cacao Chai and Jasmine Green Tea, as well as our amazing Ginger Zest. 

These teas are great for those times when you are at work, courses, college or even at home needing to increase your mood and speed up your body.

 If you sometimes forget your tea and have to drink it cold, Berry Fruity is your tea of choice! It is delicious both warm and cold and a super thirst quencher and hydration booster. 

Similarly our fabulous ‘I Speak’ Chakra tea is gorgeous hot or cold and the ticket if you’ve had to attend one Zoom meet after another and have had a day of non stop presentations.

Combine your cup of tea with our FREE  5 mMnute Tea Meditation for a fully restorative experience!  

Drinking tea at night

As the last period of the day, nighttime is often a time we seek relaxation and wind down and will help you choose your perfect chill out inducing infusion.

After a tiring day that demands a lot from the body, it’s ideal to have moments of tranquillity to relax before going to sleep.

Our ‘Chamomile Dream’ and ‘I Love’ Heart Chakra Tea were formulated with this in mind. 

Want something that's indulgent and also sugar free and calming: try our gorgeous Rooibos Cacao Chai. Add a splash of Oat or Almond milk for an extra calcium boost to calm down your nervous system.

Try a select cup combined with a hot bath before bed. This routine will help you relax the body and stimulate sleep; it will also help digestion and reduce those feelings of heaviness and stress.

These are some examples on how herbs and infusions can be included in your daily routines to help improve your wellness! 

Here at Solaris we have over 30 different blends that can be consumed daily. Understanding each one’s properties, as well as their individual preparation, will help you to experience this amazing world fully.

Did you enjoy learning more about all the different types of teas and how they can benefit your daily routines?

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