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My Tea

Personalised your tea!

Can you imagine celebrating every day?

Personalised Tea GiftDo you remember having a great time with your friends over an aromatic cup of tea? Or wanting to treat yourself to something special, while relaxing with your favourite book? Do you still remember afternoons at home, sharing both love and mouth-watering tea with your family?

Relish in the exhilarating taste of our vibrant teas when celebrating the best moments in your life. Bestow upon yourself and loved ones the sense of shared joy, love and friendship with a really unique, personalised tea blend. The ideal gift for all occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, or even as a special thank you present.

How about creating your own corporate tea blend to add a special touch to your company meetings and thoroughly treat your business partners or employees?

 Personalised Blend


You deserve something special. Personalise your tea and luxuriate in our divine blends, customised for your needs and requirements.

Tell others... much you love them
...that you really appreciate their efforts to support/develop your company
...that you want to congratulate them on their success (e.g. graduation, a new job) you are happy for them (e.g. new born baby, just married)
...what great business partners they are

What is special about personalised tea?

Our herbalists will blend tea especially for you and for those you wish to surprise. Personalised tea will fit your taste, lifestyle, health and wellness needs. You can also personalise your label by adding a special, unique message.

Every new blend we create arrives with a personalised blend description and tea-specific serving instructions.

Each 200g of loose leaf tea is beautifully presented in a decorative tin.



Personalised your tea!