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Well, hello Autumn, you're lookin' well!

Well, hello Autumn, you're lookin' well!

Sep 24, 2015

Joerg Mueller

The Autumn Equinox, beginning at the start of August according to the Gaelic Calendar, marks the middle of Autumn. The leaves are already starting to change colours, and so far we have had a lot of exciting adventures!

During August, we contributed to an exciting new Bootcamp Brunch event in Galway run by fitness blogger The Super Fit Foodie. Aisling has become a great fan and supporter of us and we are big fans of her here at Solaris.Tea! You will see her popping up in many of our future blog posts.

Joerg and Caitriona went along to a really magnificent event run by La Rousse foods at Killenure Castle. The theme of the event was 'Country-Fayre', and we we're alongside our good friends Bell Lane Coffee Roasters, who we get to see at many events, so you'll be hearing a lot about them over the coming posts too. In particular keep your eyes out for the upcoming Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival, and Food on the Edge posts.


With Caitriona and Joerg away we enlisted the skills of two handy little helpers, Aoife and Ruben. Here's Joerg training them up, and, as we say, you're never too young to learn the trade :)


We were also delighted to be nominated in the Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards in the Small Business of the year and best Tea category, and also in the Irish Cafe Quality Food and Drink Awards for best Hot Drink category. And we are doublly delighted to say that we have since won two of these! More on that in our upcoming posts.

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