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Go with the flow: How understanding your Menstrual Cycle may help you Live Your Best Life

Go with the flow: How understanding your Menstrual Cycle may help you Live Your Best Life

May 11, 2022

Karin Müller

Ever wondered what it would be like if you could really listen to your body and honour the natural ebb and flow of energy and emotions we have during our menstrual or moon cycle?

What if there was a way to harness the power and beauty of the cycle and really potently use it to our advantage. As an outlet for our creativity, as a deep well for our insight and intuition, and also for energy to move things forward in our lives.

Our bodies are vastly connected to the environment we live in and infinitely influenced by our surroundings. As such the moon is thought to play a significant role in influencing our own cycle.

Seeing as the moon controls the tide of the oceans, our bodies are also made up from 70% water. It would be reasonable to assume that the moon might influence us also. Similarly, your cycle can be related to the ebbs and flow of energy we have during the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Whether this is something you resonate with or not, it can still give you some important insights.

The average female hormone cycle is approximately 21-28 days similar to the cycle of the moon. 

Whereas men's hormone cycle is generally one of 24 hours similar to the Sun's cycle.

Whilst there's absolutely no right or wrong in how far your cycle aligns to the full and new moon; it can certainly give you an insight into how each phase of your cycle affects you emotionally, creatively and energetically, both physically and spiritually!

Things like your general health, the environment you live in, what type of contraception you use and which life phase you are in also has a significant effect on your cycle.

Here's a glimpse on how you might harness the benefits of each phase:


Day 1-5ish

Moon phase: New moon

Season: Winter

As all your hormones take a dip, so might you. Time to allow yourself to retreat.

Rest, Nest and Simply Be- time to cleanse, recharge and rejuvenate. Time to set intentions and re-evaluate what really nourishes you and what to let go off.

Invitation to: drink gently cleansing and nourishing herbs such as Nettle and Oatstraw. Gentle nervous system support with Lemon Balm and Rose. Nutrient rich and warming foods are your ally esp for iron and calcium.

Why not try our gorgeous  Full Bloom tea ‘I love’ for soothing and nourishing support.

Let go of: laying project completion dates or big presentations on these days, if you can give yourself a day or two off the beginning of your moon time even better!

Follicular phase

Day 6-11ish

Moon Phase: Waxing moon

Season: Spring

As our oestrogen levels rise again, so does our energy and optimism :)

Think big and get creative. Great time for brainstorming, starting to plan new projects and putting those intentions you set into action. Great time to attract abundance.

Getting the Spring back in your step- time to blossom!

Invitation to:  eat sprouted foods and ferments that are easily digested and give your whole system a boost.

Try our I Speak Chakra tea or Fresh Bloom or Spring flush Jasmine Green tea for a boost in antioxidants, uplift and digestive boost.

Ovulatory phase

Day 12-19ish 

Moon Phase: Full moon

Season: Summer

Your oestrogen levels are at their peak and so are your energy levels. This is also when our bodies are at their most fertile.

Time to shine :) You might literally be blooming/ glowing from the inside out

Great time to complete projects, make presentations, and yes make a baby ;)

Invitation to: eat Zesty citrus fruits, berries and cruciferous vegetables to support and help your bouncy energy.

Try Blooming for uplift and support or Full Bloom for deep nourishment and nervous system support.

Luteal phase

Day 20-28ish

Moon Phase: Waning moon

Season: Autumn

Oestrogen levels fall and progesterone levels rise to continue building up the lining of your womb.

The longest phase of your cycle. 

In the first half of this phase it's your time to complete projects. Prioritise what's really important and what can fall away.

In the second half it's time to slow down, re-evaluate and make decisions. 

Write that pro and con list and take action.

Feeling sensitive and super critical towards yourself and others? That's ok- time to rest and retreat and give yourself some TLC.

Take some positive self care steps or seek support. You are not alone xxx

Eat nourishing foods to sustain you through this phase rich in B Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, magnesium and potassium to help with nervous system overstimulation, boost your energy and support you if you're prone to cramping. This can also be a great time to boost your serotonin levels and use gentle hormone balancing herbs to support symptoms of PMT.

Our Blooming tea is perfect for this: rich in Cacao peels to boost your serotonin levels, uplifting rose, calming aniseed and a gorgeous blend of warming and balancing spices.

Our Blooming tea is perfect for this: rich in Cacao peels to boost your serotonin levels, uplifting rose, calming aniseed and a gorgeous blend of warming and balancing spices.

Or try our Rooibos Cacao Chai packed with natural antioxidants and warming spices without any caffeine or sugar.

Self care steps:

Have a massage or Give yourself a massage with your favourite body oil and essential oils. See how here

Have a beautiful hand or foot bath

Have a nourishing cup of tea- why not try our Blooming or Full Bloom tea for a natural pick me up

Write a pros and cons list to help you with that important decision

Start a journal and write in it first thing in the morning or last thing at night

Try some Alternate nostril breathing or Fire breath to help let go of excess heat and calm the mind

Go for a gentle walk or simply sit under a tree and feel yourself root down again.


Karin Müller

Karin Müller is co-owner of Solaris tea and has been working in the field of wellness and health for over 20 years now.

She is a Medical Herbalist (BSc Hons), practising Midwife (BSc Hons), Massage and Spa therapist and experienced course facilitator and teacher on a wide range of topics related to mindfulness, meditation and women’s health.

She is currently also studying in the ‘Medicine of Light’ school to deepen her spiritual practise.