Making a Herbal Dream pillow

Making a Herbal Dream pillow

Herbal pillows are a wonderful aid to natural sleep. 

Maintaining a healthy sleep/wake pattern can be challenging at times and herbs have a long-standing tradition to help promote relaxation and calm frazzled nerves.

Herbal Dream Pillows make for gorgeous and unique gifts, are simple to make and smell simply divine!

What you need:

A small cotton pillow case

Make your own by simply hand stitching together two equal sized pieces of fabric such as cotton/ hemp/ linen/ bamboo fabric together or use a sewing machine if you have one handy.

You can use up old fabric scraps, an old curtain/ sheet, a larger pillow case, a t- shirt you don't use anymore, unused patchwork quilting squares.

Simply wash and iron beforehand for ease of handling

You can really make any size pillow you fancy- square, rectangle, heart shaped. The worlds your oyster.

A long narrow one can be perfect for slipping along the hemline of your own pillow.

Make it:

  1. Cut the fabric pieces to size and place on top of each other with the right sides together. e.g 12 inches x 4 ½ inches (30.5cm x 11.5cm) for a long narrow pillow.
  2. Sew the two long sides together to form a tube.
  3. Turn the fabric tube inside out
  4. Turn in the edges of one side of the pillow, iron for ease, stitch closed.
  5. Fill with herbs of choice leaving a little space at the end to close the pillow.
  6. Tuck in the open end of the pillow and stitch securely close.
  7. Voila here's your own handmade herbal dream pillow.

If you need a quick solution simply use Medium or Large cotton muslin bags- preferrable organic- with drawstrings to place near or under your pillow.

Fill it:

200-500g organic, aromatic Herbs depending on the size of your pillow.

Use bright, aromatic, organic herbs that are relaxing and calming to you. 

Such as:

Organic Lavender blossom

Organic Chamomile blossom

Organic Rose blossom

Organic Limeflower are all wonderful choices 


Try our beautiful organic, hand blended Fresh BloomChamomile Dreamor ‘I Love’ Heart Chakra loose leaf blend for a perfect pre-blended option.

You can enhance your pillow by adding 2-4 drops of organic pure essential oil such as Organic Rose absolute, Lavender, Roman Chamomile to your herbs and mixing well before filling your pillow or muslin bag. Brands such as Tisserand, Atlantic Aromatics and the Burren Perfumery are good choices.


Karin Muller

About Karin Mueller:

Karin Muller  Karin Müller is co-owner of Solaris tea and has been working in the field of wellness and health for over 20 years now. She is a Medical Herbalist (BSc Hons), practising Midwife (BSc Hons), Massage and Spa therapist and experienced course facilitator and teacher on a wide range of topics related to mindfulness, meditation and women’s health. She is currently also studying in the ‘Medicine of Light’ school to deepen her spiritual practise.


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