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Discover Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

Popular in South Africa for many centuries, Rooibos Tea is increasing its popularity among tea lovers around the world. In addition to being caffeine-free, this beverage is thought to have strong antioxidant properties. Discover what scientific studies say about Rooibos and its health-boosting effects.
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Rooibos Cacao Chai Cookies – An excuse for an alternative baking session!

Rooibos is definitely a win-win tea. It has a huge amount of antioxidants but is naturally caffeine free. Besides the fact that it is incredibly healthy, it also tastes amazing and can be used for many different culinary purposes, including baking.

For this reason we bring you a delicious recipe for Rooibos Cookies. Use plain Rooibos, or we suggest Solaris Rooibos Cacao Chai to spice it up a little....

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Rooibos Espresso – Watch this space!

Solaris are incredibly excited to announce that we will shortly be introducing the innovative Rooibos Espresso to our range. This is a perfect, caffeine-free, healthy alternative to coffee (prepared in your semi-automatic coffee machine just like an espresso) and can be used for Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano and Lattes, to name but a few.

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