The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is our last main energy centre. The last layer of our aura is correlated, and therefore it is directly connected, to our soul (spirit or divine essence/spark). Thus, the main purpose of the 7th chakra is to tune in and surrender to divine consciousness.

The crown chakra, called Sahashara in Sanskrit - which means Lotus of a thousand petals - has the formation of a crown of light on the top of our head, and it is through this portal that we find the understanding of the Universe and we can identify the means of the evolution of our spirit.

Thus, your main challenge is to get rid of the bonds that bind us to this world and prevent us from connecting to universal energy and divine energy.

The custom of kings being crowned is based on the assumption that someone who is destined to guide a nation is also the great bearer of Divine Light and wisdom.

Among all the chakras, this is what represents the essence of being, of the I, the Brahman. When reached in its highest degree of understanding, the person ceases to be her and becomes a member of Brahman, she will possess the wisdom and total power of the Universe, but will not want to use it for anything, as she will already be in an energy of sincere and full happiness.

In this chakra we find the understanding that we are much more than our physical presence, our aura, our true "I" transcends many other worlds and is part of a Universal will.

The effects of the Crown Chakra balance

This chakra is connected to the pineal gland that is located in the centre of the head.
When this Crown chakra is balanced we receive benefits such as better memory, a better understanding, ease in acquiring wisdom and even in the growth of the mediumship and telepathy power.

Positive effects when aligned:

When balanced, the Crown initially makes us realize the stillness of our universe, its purity and omnipresence. When it is open, we have the impression that we are waking up from a deep sleep or that feeling of coming home which then becomes a reality of permanent joy.

  • Greater sensitivity and clairvoyance;
  • Wisdom;
  • Better memory;
  • Awareness of what is needed to reach your goals;
  • Balanced brain energization;
  • It causes well-being;
  • Better results of mental functions;
  • Regulates appetite and sleep;
  • Health, mood and happiness;
  • It brings the whole balance of life.

Negative effects when not aligned:

The effects of a closed 7th chakra are related to a feeling of separation from the harmonious flow of the universe and thereby develop a limiting fear that will block all other chakras.

  • Neurotic problems;
  • Development of disorders and phobias;
  • Lack of belief in the Universe, of faith;
  • Tendencies to suicidal ideas;
  • Depression.

How to Align the Crown Chakra

Foods rich in flavonoids and vitamin B, contribute to the balance of this chakra, such as cassava, bananas, onions, garlic and soursop. Our Be Better Chakra Tea I know is also a balanced blend that will help you to achieve this goal.

Meditation and breathing techniques are really great tools for adjusting your chakras, and should always be used. Practising physical exercises like Yoga is also excellent.

General Characteristics of the Crown Chakra

Sanskrit name: Sahashara - lotus of a thousand petals;

Colour: Violet and white;

Mantra: The Universal mantra: OM;

Crystals: quartz, amethyst, pyrite and diamond;

Petals: 1000 petals;

Element: All elements;

Glands: Pineal;

General functions: Maintains the complete balance of life, activates mediumship, wisdom, health and happiness.

Warm Wishes.

Karin Muller

Karin Mueller is co-owner of Solaris tea and has been working in the field of wellness and health for over 20 years now. She is a Medical Herbalist (BSc Hons), practising Midwife (BSc Hons), Massage and Spa therapist and experienced course facilitator and teacher on a wide range of topics related to mindfulness, meditation and women’s health. She is currently also studying in the ‘Medicine of Light’ school to deepen her spiritual practise.

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