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The Jasmin Dragon Pearl Tale

The Jasmin Dragon Pearl Tale

Jan 24, 2022

Joerg Mueller

Once upon a time, a brother and a sister lived on the outskirts of a small village near the Fuzhou city of Fujian Province. Their parents died when they were very young and the poor children worked very hard just to get enough food to live by.

One winter, the brother became seriously sick, and no doctors could help him. 

His sister heard about a mystical dragon that could help people in need, and in the depths of desperation, she decided to find the dragon to ask for aid. The girl decided to find the dragon and, leaving her brother under the old lady’s care, left home looking for him.

She wandered for a long time and finally came upon his cave, which was surrounded by Jasmine bushes of amazing beauty. She told the dragon about her sick sibling, and he promised to help her, saying that the recovery for her brother wouldn’t be easy. Soaring into the sky, the dragon made an ominous cry and a beautiful pearl appeared on his neck, glittering in the sun. From this pearl a tiny drop of water emerged and fell to the ground where a beautiful tea bush sprouted instantaneously.

The dragon said to the girl that she should take very good care of the bush whatever the weather may bring, as it would save her brother’s life, and he promptly disappeared. 

It rained hard for a week, day and night, but the girl looked after the bush all the time, not leaving its side even for a moment. Finally, small long leaves appeared on the bush. 

The girl gathered the most delicate leaves from the top of each branch, dried them next to jasmine flowers, and made delicate beads, copying the one that hung around the neck of the dragon and that gave origin to that bush.

Finally, returning home, she heated water to brew tea from these beads. As soon as the hot water touched the first bead, their house was filled with the warm and embracing aroma of Jasmine. She gave the tea to her brother, and he quickly recovered.

It is said that this tale is more than 800 years old, and as usual with legends such as these, there are differing versions.

According to another popular version, a dragon appears in the dream of an old man and shows him how to prepare and brew aromatic tea, answering his desperate prayer to cure his daughter's illness. According to the dragon, spring tea buds harvested from high mountains in the East needed to be combined with a flower from the far West, so the old man embarked on a journey to create this special tea. Upon drinking the tea made by her father, the child regained her appetite and soon overcame her illness.

Although these are legends, Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea is indeed an excellent herbal remedy, and it is known for its ability to uplift, calm and boost one's energy levels.

Green tea is the key ingredient in Jasmine Dragon Pearls. As a result, it inherits all the benefits and properties of green tea as well as Jasmine. Furthermore, it is brewed with the most tender buds, which are high in antioxidants, making it a powerful anti-ageing support. 

The Jasmine Dragon Pearls Tea is one of our most exquisite teas and one of the most fascinating teas from China. 

Pearls are formed from only the finest ingredients available: Spring Flush, Special Grade Green tea, which is then hand-rolled into the Dragon Pearls and steamed seven times over fresh Jasmine flowers. 

The delicate artisanal process with which it is produced, together with the contribution of fresh Jasmine buds which are dried next to the pearls, result in a velvety tea, slightly astringent, wide and persistent in the mouth. Regarding its aroma, we find an absolutely intoxicating Jasmine fragrance from beginning to end. In the middle, some very subtle vegetal notes appear to remind us that we are actually drinking green tea, even if it doesn't seem so. And at the end, something sweet. The extensive steaming process ensures that the flavour is preserved for a long period of time.

But that's not all, since this is one of those teas that you can infuse several times, becoming more and more complex.

Our Jasmine Dragon Pearl  tea is sourced from the Fujian Province of China, which is far from any source of pollution. 

It is ideal to drink in the afternoon or evening before dinner or for those moments when you need to give yourself a reward and feel comforted. 

Dragon Pearls have a magic that mesmerizes the senses, comforts us and invites us to relax, reflect and dream.

Try it out now.