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What is a Tea Blend?

What is a Tea Blend?

Oct 27, 2021


A pure, single ingredient tea has its charm and can be a pure, pleasing experience for the palate. However, a synergistic combination of ingredients can be joyful and delicious.

Yes, today we will explain what a tea blend really is.

Those of you who don't know what we are talking about need not worry. 

If you have enjoyed a cup of  Earl Grey, you have tasted a blend, without even knowing that there is a name for it.

What is a tea blend?

Blend is a word that literally means mixture in English. It can be applied in a wide range of senses and segments.

In the world of tea, blend is the term used for a mixture of two or more ingredients to create a tea or infusion.

There are many ways to make it, including using roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, spices, and even essential oils.
Combinations can be as creative and innovative as you want, it depends on your purpose.

Some classic blends are used by several brands, including ginger and lemon, Earl Grey, English Breakfast and many others.

The professional Tea Blender

A Tea Blender is a professional qualified to create tea blends. He/she is like an engineer in the world of tea, capable of creating a harmonious architecture between different ingredients.

It is up to the specialist to have technical knowledge about the main activities of the profession and to have ample knowledge to understand the main teas from different regions of the world, understand the ingredients and their sensory profiles.

It is an activity which demands continuous improvement, to explore new aromas, flavours and combinations, as well as being attentive to new market demands, trends and consumer behaviour.

A Tea Blender can create their own tea lines, but can also work on demand or be a consultant for companies in the industry.

Our Tea Blenders, Jörg Müller and Karin Müller are both BSc Hon Medical Herbalist, incorporating their knowledge of the health benefits and nutritional value of herbs into each of their tea blends. 

Purpose of the blend

Believe me, it is not just mixing the ingredients. Usually, the Tea Blender chooses an ingredient to work with and extract new possibilities. It can be a common element or something new that needs to be explored. 

There is also the possibility of having a specific goal, like creating a blend to boost the immune system or a blend rich in relaxing properties. Or just create a blend that is very refreshing on the palate, for example.

Ingredient selection

The ingredient selection stage is fundamental, as it is the raw material that will contribute to the quality of the blend, to have full aromatic notes and characteristic flavour.

There are several criteria that define a good quality ingredient, such as the size and integrity of the selected leaves, fruits, flowers, herbs or spices, freshness, granulometry, appearance and many others. 

Here at Solaris Tea we only work with organic ingredients from sustainable farms and companies. 


Along with ingredients, it is crucial to understand their holistic characteristics: their sensory profile (aromas, flavours), their properties, and their harmony. And of course: test them as much as possible!

Testing is both the most fun and most challenging part of the process. It is essential to test each combination at different stages: the physical combination to ensure that the ingredients do not clash in size or appearance, the sensory harmony to identify which should stand out or complement the other instead of creating a conflict, and many other analyses.

The purpose of testing is to refine and improve a blend, to create any changes that are needed in order to meet the proposed goal.


To achieve the best blend, it is essential to balance the quantities of each of the ingredients. This is the phase where the ideal integration of each element is defined, so that the whole is in balance.

In other words, a good ratio between each element. Imagine a 20g tea made from three ingredients. It may include 10g of an element that acts as a base, 6g of another ingredient, and 4g of a third, for example, but this is not a rule.

Each blend has a different ratio among the ingredients. That’s why two blends which may seem to be equal are different.  

A complex process that requires a lot of knowledge and technique from the professional tea creator.

A Tea to call mine

Have you ever thought about having a tea blend made specially for you or the one you love?
Here at Solaris Tea, we'll create a unique blend to match their personality and the tea will be named after them in their gift set.
And it is easy. Watch the video and discover more:


Trying a blend is an opportunity to challenge your palate, to experiment with often unimaginable possibilities, and to perceive the different characteristics of a drink.

Take the time to taste a blend and identify the ingredients, feel the aroma and taste. Despite being simple, this challenge will make you train your tea-sensing skills. 

In addition, it is one of the best ways to truly appreciate the time and effort a Tea Blender has put in creating a blend.

Do you know that we can re-infuse your tea? No?

This will be our next topic!

Stay tuned!