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Solaris Personalised Tea: A unique gift with a unique story

Feb 04, 2014

Joerg Mueller

I always wanted to create a tea that represented the unique personality of a person. While doing my degree in Herbal Medicine, we studied the 4 Greek temperaments or personality profiles (5 in Chinese Medicine, 3 in Ayurvedic medicine, and several modern ones such as DISC, etc.) and which herbs work for each. This was utterly fascinating, and I experimented in creating personalised teas for friends. 

This also equipped me with blending teas for specific lifestyle/wellness types, such as teas for doing yoga, or running a marathon - but always rooted in the individual personality. Then I thought it would be a fantastic and personal gift, if the person giving the gift could write their own personal story or relationship link on the label, i.e. the tea triggering happy memories.

At Valentine's Day last year, I struggled to find a creative and personal present - this gave me the idea to blend a personalised tea for my wife containing 3 different types of roses (Damask, Wild Roses, Whole Rose buds). She also loves vanilla, so I included some real bourbon vanilla in the tea blend. With over 400 cup servings, the tea lasted for almost a year, and was always a good happy memory trigger.

Thus, the whole story came together - tea drinking, already being a social activity, becoming a personalised experience... in a world of mass products (or mass customised products) this is an unusual proposition: a once-off tea tailored to the goals/lifestyle and personality of the recipient that also tells a story between 2 people. With over 200 of the highest quality natural ingredients in stock, we have a wide range of choices, both on the taste level, as well as on the property level.

I hope this product will create interest in the tea-drinking community and stand apart as a creative and personal gift (or to just treat yourself). Why not have a look at our cute animated video that explains the process. The voice-over was done by my wife 3 hours before she had to go into surgery, and our daughter Aoife (wait to the very end of the video)...

Jörg Müller