UPDATE for the current unusual time (30/03/20) & 20% OFF for ALL ONLINE ORDERS

Dear Solaris community and friends!   We are giving 20% off ALL Online Orders to give a small bit back to everyone. Use voucher code "FREE20" at checkout. Hope you are all well and minding yourselves and staying positive and strong in these unsettling times. It’s really important that we all stay grounded and positive to keep morale up and help each other out. Remember the most important thing is to wash your hands, follow correct cough etiquette and comply with social distancing as recommend...

Happy Mother's Day from Solaris Tea

  GIVE YOUR MUM A GIFT OF TRUE COMFORT AND LOVE THIS MOTHERS DAY!Your OWN SPECIAL BLEND OF MUM!Simply fill out 3 traits of your mum you particularly value and we ll formulate her own special Mothers Day Tea.So important to reach out to our Mums in these times and what better way than a daily cup to connect and uplift! We re offering 20% OFF our PERSONALISED TEA GIFT SET and the HERBAL TWIST GIFT SET Simply copy and paste link below or enter MOTHER at checkout :)https://solarisbotanicals.com...

NEW The Herbal Twist Giftset

Solaris Tea has created a new Herbal Twist Giftset with four of our bestselling Pyramid Teabag Herbal Blends! Enjoy Ginger Zest, Peppermint Delight, Lemon Harmony and Rooibus Cacao Chai all in the one set.

This Valentine’s Day choose Roses – The simplest path to beauty

This Valentine’s Day choose Roses – The simplest path to beauty

“Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet” (Katharine Lee Bates)The Rose is renowned for being a beautiful, romantic, flower of love. Sometimes we forget that these beautiful flowers have much more to offer. You can smell, watch, and consume them! Join us in discovering some of their health and beauty benefits.

Family owned, Sustainability & Values -- When is big big enough?

In the light of the recent Pukka takeover by Unilever, I want to share some thoughts as a teablender and tea business owner: Per se I am not averse to selling a company -- but it does matter to whom. I would argue that the structure and interests in large corporations, where profit maximisation is priority will not enhance or further ethical behaviour or sustainability. Currently it is on everyone's agenda because it sells. But statements by Unilever such as "...we have committed to sourcing ...

Solaris and Aniar join forces to create an exciting and enthralling new dining experience.

Solaris and Aniar join forces to create an exciting and enthralling new dining experience.

Solaris Tea have been working with JP McMahon and the Aniar Restaurant team for a long time now and their latest project is testament to their shared passions and commitment to good, natural ingredients. They have developed and added new tea options that will compliment the new Aniar taste menu. Learn more about it from the article below compliments of Food PR.

Solaris Personalised Tea: A unique gift with a unique story

I always wanted to create a tea that represented the unique personality of a person. While doing my degree in Herbal Medicine, we studied the 4 Greek temperaments or personality profiles (5 in Chinese Medicine, 3 in Ayurvedic medicine, and several modern ones such as DISC, etc.) and which herbs work for each. This was utterly fascinating, and I experimented in creating personalised teas for friends.