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Welcome to Solaris Green Week!

Welcome to Solaris Green Week!

Nov 27, 2020

Joerg Mueller


Welcome to Solaris Green Week!

We believe in community, sustainability, and giving back so we are making our "Black Friday" a bit different. 

You will still get discounts but you can also help our community by donating your discount to those in need.

We offer you 2 codes that can be used on our Silken Tea Bag Range and our brand new Afternoon Tea Pot Set:

To get 25% OFF for your order add GREENWEEK when checking out.

Or you can donate 
25% OF your order for your order to Galway Simmon Community. Just add SIMON when checking out.

As no good deeds go unnoticed by Santa, we will raffle one Home Office Bulk Teabag Set between those who decided to donate part of their discount.

No matter what you choose, you will be enjoying an amazing organic and delicious tea and contributing to a local and familiar business.

If every adult in Ireland spent just €20 extra a week in small businesses, this would equate to an injection of €875 million to the local economy over a 12-week period. That translates to sustainable employment but even more importantly vibrant and energetic communities and creative and cultural industries right across our island.