UPDATE for the current unusual time (30/05/20)

Dear Solaris community and friends!


Hope you are all well and minding yourselves and staying positive and strong in these unsettling times. It’s really important that we all stay grounded and positive to keep morale up and help each other out. Remember the most important thing is to wash your hands, follow correct cough etiquette and comply with social distancing as recommended.

Take regular breaks from social media, exercise as best you can, meditate and have a calming cup of herbal tea!
Over these next days, we will be posting some useful tips to boost your spirits.

Our Solaris Team is here to help and business is still up and running!
Our Solaris Tea website is up and running as usual.
Our warehouse is operational with enhanced hygiene measures as recommended and we will continue to update measures as they become available by the HSE.
Since we are only a team of two in the office social distancing has been easy to achieve.
Online orders are the best way to go and we have taken all necessary steps in line with HSE recommendations to make the work environment both safe for our staff and for our customers.
DPD is also running their courier service as per usual: see link for the steps they have taken for keeping everyone safe and sound:

Please let us know if you have any queries or concerns and we will reply as soon as possible
Email: info@solarisbotanicals.com

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