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Joerg and Karin

Family-like team spirit

"If you can laugh together, you can work together" (Robert Orben)

Solaris Botanicals team is led by a couple of fully qualified herbalists who turned our passion into a business. We have built a terrific team of enthusiastic, dedicated and talented people, who live their values, and create a family-like atmosphere at the workplace.

We are a team united by common passions for tea, nature and a healthy lifestyle. Our “one team” attitude and trust based relations drive us to work collaboratively and inspire each other in order to nurture Solaris’ brands and implement innovative ideas.

We put great effort into supporting our customers and sharing our expert knowledge. Why not take a look at our team members profiles and find out more about their work at Solaris Botanicals, what inspires them to work here and how you can contact them.



Solaris Team Members Profiles

Joerg solaris tea botanicals


Jörg Müller
Director / Founder
“Currently Solaris is at an exciting stage of development- I would say Solaris has great potential with its unique product portfolio, the ability to customise our products and the great team we have behind the company. With our background as Medical Herbalists we strive to offer authentic products that make a real difference”

Karin Mueller

Karin Müller
Director / Founder
“What continues to inspire me in my work for Solaris is the knowledge that the exceptional quality of the products we supply really make a difference. Some how, with each freshly brewed cup of tea, a pause is created – to dream and be inspired.”

Maria solaris tea  

Maria Ferrie
“Everyday brings new and interesting challenges and I am excited to be part of the new expansion for Solaris. ”



Yngve Wieland
International Business Development Manager 
“Being involved in growing a family business and working with a high quality, innovative and health conscious product range, are just a number of the factors that make working for Solaris a diverse, rewarding and challenging experience.”


Max Savitski
Production Manager
“My days are filled with good tea and good people - what's not to like?”


Lais Laís Fulgêncio
“I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing team. There is no dull day here and as Max said: "Good People and good tea" . How could I not love it?"