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What makes our tea special?

We hand blend our organic teas in Ireland. Our passion for tea, combined with the world's finest ingredients, result in unique blends and exquisite flavours. All of our teas are tailored to the requirements of our customers, and we also offer the option to create your very own personalised tea blend.

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Organic Specialty Teas

Our Solaris Tea range consists of top grade, loose, organic speciality teas. We take great pride in sourcing the finest whole leaf teas, which are hand-picked with care to ensure excellence in quality. We choose Spring Flush (first flush) Teas to ensure optimum freshness and high anti-oxidant content. All our teas are blended and packed in Ireland. See our Perfect Cup of Tea and Tea and Health sections for the health benefits of Solaris Organic Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong and Pu-Erh. Discover the broad range of Solaris Tea, and learn more about our premium quality blends and their health benefits. Here you will find many tempting blends for that well deserved treat.

"I always keep a good selection of Solaris teas in stock. My normal daily tipple is King of Pu Erh but, depending on my mood, I vary it with Oolong and Green tea Chai. All are great quality and really good value. I keep a stock of Dionysus in too as it's great for any digestive upset plus it's delicious. I buy the tea loose in bags directly from the suppliers and they are always very helpful and friendly to deal with."

Mairéad Hogan

Solaris Herbal Teas

Solaris Herbs are a unique range of delicious and health supporting, loose, organic herbal tea blends. They are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives and are hand blended in Ireland for taste and health benefits alike. Discover our Solaris Herbs range to find the tea best suited to your lifestyle, health and wellness needs.

“I was introduced to Solaris Botanicals through a friend who bought me some Organic King of Pu-Erh. This was my first taste of Pu-Erh, and my first Tea from Solaris Botanicals. Once I had tasted it, I was straight on to the Internet to hunt down the seller of such a fine Tea. And immediately ordered some more.

This was awhile ago now, when I knew a lot less about Tea in general. I have since purchased much more, and continue to do so. I love the fact that it's organic tea, something not easy to find.

The service is lovely, and it also feels personal which I appreciate in a cold corporate world. I have bought Pu-Erh from various sources, but the Solaris Organic King of Pu-Erh is just something else. It's smoky, woody, soft, gentle, smooth and I just love it. Of course they sell many many teas, and I am just talking about one. I am looking forward to purchasing more from this lovely company, and exploring their world of teas.”

Nick Cook

Flowering Tea

Flower Teas are the crowning of 5000 years of Chinese tea culture. Our Flower Teas are hand-picked and organically grown. These premium white, tender tea buds are jasmine scented and hand sewn into flower buds with cotton thread by artisans in China. When steeped in hot water, the flower buds slowly blossom into breathtaking displays. Requiring no tea bag or strainer, Flowering Teas are environmentally kind as well as easy to serve.

For tea connoisseurs and beginners alike, Flowering Teas make unforgettable gifts.

“We have been using 'Earl Grey' & 'Oolong' and other herbal teas from Solaris Botanicals tea for many years. We enjoy the authentic tea flavours. We buy in bulk online, so we do not run out of tea,and service is excellent.

Eamonn & Mary Winters

Tea Gift Sets & Tea accessories

Are you looking for a perfectly unique gift idea? Discover our fantastic options to suit all requirements, from friends and loved ones, to employees and business partners, you can select the ideal gift for every occasion.

Choose a tailor made, personalised gift which will enhance any celebration or occasion. Here you can create a special blend to reflect all personalities and lifestyles.

Impress your friends or relatives at events, or simply on a personal level with our flowering tea, perfect for all occasions. This is a stunning process of blooming tea - when the bud is steeped in hot water, it starts slowly to blossom into beautiful flowers.

Alternatively, you can distinguish your company from competitors by choosing a customised tea blend perfect for employees and business partners alike.

Our tea accessories are carefully selected products which aid in preparing the best cup of tea. With the right accessories, whole-leaf teas are as conveniently prepared as Tea bags.

“Solaris teas are one of the best quality teas I have ever come across. I find flavour combinations masterfully done. I am always looking forward to a cup of Solaris before I start my work.

Kristine Benoit