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Our top 5 herbs to tackle symptoms of hay fever

Our top 5 herbs to tackle symptoms of hay fever

Apr 28, 2016

Joerg Mueller

  Today’s topic is hay fever - according to, 1 in 10 people in Ireland suffering from hay fever symptoms every year. For those of you who start to experience symptoms from early spring and throughout summer, now is the time to boost your immune system and tone your mucous membranes.

Here is a list of our top 5 herbs to help with hay fever

1. Eyebright helps tone the mucous membranes around the eyes and can be used to minimise itchy, watery and irritated eyes.

2. Plantain is packed with anti-allergic properties and has been traditionally used to aid drainage of blocked sinuses causing headaches and earaches.

3. Nettle is one of the better known natural anti-histamines available and really does deliver in helping to tackle the symptoms of hay fever.

4. Peppermint is a powerful decongestant herb which in simple terms means that it can help to ease stuffy noses.

5. Elderflower is another great decongestant and a powerful mucous membrane tonic which has been traditionally used for stuffy and runny noses.

All of these herbs are found in our Pegasus blend and we recommend drinking 1- 3 cups of this blend in preparation for the hay fever season ahead. For best results continue drinking the Pegasus blend throughout the hay fever season.