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Spice up your Summer Smoothie with Solaris Berry Fruity

Berry Fruity Smoothie

  Our Berry Fruity Tea is not only delicious in flavour but is also oozing with health benefits.

Check out our recommended recipe and feel free to send us your feedback.

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The Hawthorn Tree: A Solaris story.

We have been asked to develop resilience in very challenging times. We have had to develop compassion and unity in the trickiest of circumstances. We have chosen to adapt and use our inner and outer resources to get them to where they needed most. Most of all we have been asked to open our hearts and reach out and truly reflect on the richness of our diversity.
So pause a moment and take a deep breath when you are close to a Hawthorn tree today. Or visualise one in your mind's eye.

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Cast Iron Tea Pots – Setting the standard for Tea Accessories

Renowned for their tradition, class and practicality, Cast Iron Tea Pots have been used for generations in tea ceremonies. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and an ideal gift, but they are also incredibly practical and add to any tea ceremony or even to your tea treats in the evenings.
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Our top 5 herbs to tackle symptoms of hay fever

  Today’s topic is hay fever - according to, 1 in 10 people in Ireland suffering from hay fever symptoms every year. For those of you who start to experience symptoms from early spring and throughout summer, now is the time to boost your immune system and tone your mucous membranes.

Here is a list of our top 5 herbs to help with hay fever...

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The power of Antioxidants

  Everyone knows that antioxidants are good for the body. But what do they actually do? In short, they protect the cell walls from changes! Every chronic medical condition and even aging can bring on small changes in the cell wall.
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Tea is enjoying a renewed popularity

The opening of the New York City store on Thursday comes after Starbucks last year bought Teavana, a chain of about 300 stores. Starbucks has said it plans to use the acquisition to make tea a bigger part of American culture, as it has with coffee.
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