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How to make the best probiotic Kombucha : Organic Tea is the answer, followed by this recipe

We believe the best Kombucha is the one you brew yourself because in doing so you are in total control of the ingredients and the fermenting time and it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying it. So, we will post recipes and special concoctions of Kombucha, a probiotic beverage made by fermenting sugary tea with the help of a scoby, a symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast. Here is the first one.
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Why Is Kombucha Good For You?

Kombucha's popularity has increased in recent years. How is Kombucha processed? What are its origins? And most importantly: why is Kombucha good for you? Discover it all here!
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Cast Iron Tea Pots – Setting the standard for Tea Accessories

Renowned for their tradition, class and practicality, Cast Iron Tea Pots have been used for generations in tea ceremonies. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and an ideal gift, but they are also incredibly practical and add to any tea ceremony or even to your tea treats in the evenings.
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What’s the deal with Matcha...

This mighty powdered green tea is sweeping across the country and has taken the health world by storm with no signs of slowing down. A lot of information is flying around about Matcha and some of our customers are getting a little lost in all the facts, so we’ve put together a couple of our most frequently asked questions to help you get to know Matcha a little better.
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Our Dragon Jasmine Pearls are top of the crop !

Our award-winning Jasmine Dragon Pearls have made it into the Guardians top 5 green teas! We’re up there with some of the best in the tea business and are absolutely thrilled to make it into the prestigious list.

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Spring has finally sprung and with it comes the first Hallmark day of the year – Valentines!

  Forget chocolate, bunches of roses and the usual suspects that come with Valentines Day. Instead, why not get creative! At Solaris we can help you get your creative juices flowing by working with you to create a bespoke, tailor-made tea especially with your loved one in mind.
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