What’s the deal with Matcha...

What’s the deal with Matcha...

This mighty powdered green tea is sweeping across the country and has taken the health world by storm with no signs of slowing down. A lot of information is flying around about Matcha and some of our customers are getting a little lost in all the facts, so we’ve put together a couple of our most frequently asked questions to help you get to know Matcha a little better.

What’s the difference between Solaris Vanilla Matcha and the Premium grade Matcha?

Not much! Basically, our Matcha is just one grade below the ceremonial grade. We’ve added a pinch of natural vanilla flavouring so customers and clients can use it on a daily basis as a super-food by adding it to smoothies, baking with it or having it as a morning boost in the form of a latte or just with water and lemon. Our Matcha is still of superb quality, and we choose only the best first flush green tea leaves to grind down into a powder. Drinking our Matcha will provide you with 100 times more anti-oxidants than that of normal steeped green tea – that’s the equivalent of eating 60g of blueberries or 160g of spinach – and all this from just half a teaspoon of matcha powder! Powerful stuff!

What’s the best way to drink Matcha?

That depends on your customers and their tastes! We usually recommend a Matcha latte – its smooth, comforting and a perfect, warming way to start your day. However, we also train our clients to make Matcha with just water. Coupled with a slice of lemon and a little honey, this option is light and refreshing and great for those who don’t drink milk. But the options are limitless! Add it to smoothies, muffins, pancakes, milkshakes, porridge and many more.

Should we add some vanilla syrup to the latte?

We don’t recommend this unless the customer asks for it. By adding syrup (loaded with sugar) you are essentially defeating the purpose of this healthy drink. We’ve added a pinch of vanilla flavouring already, so our advice is don’t, unless asked!

Do we really need to whisk the Matcha? Can’t we just use a spoon to mix it?

In short – yes, you definitely need to whisk the Matcha! If you want a satisfied customer, and you want them to keep returning for this super healthy, green treat, make sure you whisk the Matcha to eliminate any lumps. Whisking the matcha before adding it to milk, water or whatever it is you’re baking ensures that the mixture is super smooth. A spoon simply will not produce the same smooth finish. Trust us, there’s nothing worse than as lumpy Matcha!

If you have any other questions that we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to contact us, at info@solarisbotanicals.com! 

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