The Versatility of Matcha Across Industries

The Versatility of Matcha Across Industries

As tea is such a popular beverage, it stands to reason that matcha would be used in a similar way. One of the most ancient and traditional methods of consumption of tea is making tea with boiling water. And the direct consumption of Matcha allows nutrients to be fully absorbed, and there are two functions: to quench thirst and to promote health.

As the world's tea culture, research is developing, and deepening. The improvement of people's health awareness is also improving the direct consumption of Matcha drinking, and drinking matcha will become a habit that the food and drinks industry can cash in on. It doesn’t end there. It’s used across a variety of industries. Here’s just four we can think of, to give you an idea of the range of things you too can do with matcha.  

  1. Health food Industry

At present, some manufacturers have already realized the value of green tea as the use of health care products. They developed Matcha capsules which helps people to slow down human ageing and anti-cancer.

  1. Drinks Industry

Matcha is most suitable for use in low-temperature processed food. Matcha’s green colour is vibrant, and has been used across a variety of foods. For instance as an ice cream product, as the colour lasts and presents well, even when mixed. At present, many well-known companies have introduced or are developing Matcha ice cream, such as the Imperial Japanese Foods Co., Haagen- Dazs and the like. Solid beverage industry has also changed the original use of spices in the production of milk tea, and now have adopted the authentic Matcha production instead.

  1. Sweets and Chocolate Industry

Many sweets and chocolates manufacturers have started to use Matcha, to add health benefits, flavour and even colour to their products

  1. Pastry and Food industry

Matcha makes things look bright, green and fresh. It’s no wonder it is used widely across the Pastry and food Industry. Examples of delicious Matcha treats that you too can try are as follows: Matcha Cake, Matcha bread, Matcha mooncake, Matcha cookies, Matcha jelly and Matcha pudding. Currently, in Japan, they also have Matcha noodles and Matcha sushi. Both are considered staples in the diet of the average Japanese family.

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