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We Have New Matcha Products in Stock

We Have New Matcha Products in Stock

Nov 25, 2014

Joerg Mueller

We know we’ve a few hardcore matcha fans amongst you. So we’ve expanded our Matcha section. At Solaris we are all about health benefits and bringing you the best solutions for your wellbeing. We believe that Matcha is one of the single most important energy boosters you can have.

Our selection aims to make matcha affordable - there is no reason that good health should not be affordable, so it was important to us to produce Matcha at a good price point. we want everyone to be converted to its health benefits and feel better from drinking it.

 So here are our new products - available to order by phone or by clicking the links.



Green Matcha 100g

This is Matcha in its pure form. For the true matcha lover that wants to drink their matcha straight or drink their matcha lattes free from any additional flavours. It has the fresh grassy flavour of matcha and is the purest way to get your matcha boost. A half teaspoon of this, mixed into your morning hot milk or water, and you’ll be alert and ready for the day. This is a very high-grade culinary matcha: smooth and free of bitterness. 

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Green Matcha Vanilla 100g

The perfect solution for your matcha fix. This pouch of matcha is easy to use and you can blend the perfect matcha latte with this delicious mix. Matcha in its purest form, is then lovingly blended with a bit of vanilla, to bring you this tasty solution. Add steamed milk or some water and lime to enjoy its nutritious benefits. Click Here